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Nokia 6230i

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What's New
Flexible, efficient, and powerful: the Nokia 6230i phone shares the same classic design as the popular Nokia 6230, but we've revved up the features inside.
Looking Good: We upgraded the camera resolution to 1.3 megapixels so you can show off your images in print. If you're the type who prefers action, we've set the scene with video recording and a high resolution, 208 x 208-pixel color TFT display.
Store More: There's now 32 MB of internal memory, which is easily expandable with removable MMC cards (up to 512 MB). Use the phone as a storage device for photos, music and video files - or even documents and presentations.
The Right Connections: When you need to get files from one device to another, the Nokia 6230i phone gives you true versatility with Bluetooth technology, infrared, Pop-Port, USB (supporting plug-and-play), and GPRS/EDGE networks.

·1.3 megapixel camera also shoots video clips
·High quality video streaming with sound
·32 MB internal memory and support for MMC cards up to 512 MB - use the phone as a digital storage device
·Active TFT display and new animated 3D menu graphics
·Push to talk over cellular
·Easy local and remote synchronization
·Flexible connectivity: features Bluetooth technology, infrared, USB port, Pop-Port, and GPRS/EDGE
·XHTML browsing and email over TCP/IP
·AAC/MP3/M4A stereo music player and FM radio
·Visual Radio
·More information on the Nokia 6230i features

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 Nokia 6230i

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