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Siemens SXG75



Navigation, photos, videos, music, downloads: the SXG75 brings high-speed multimedia to the mobile phone. The first Siemens mobile phone designed specifically for UMTS networks not only looks good, it is bursting with the latest technology. Its specification leaves nothing to be desired: the built-in navigation system ensures every consumer is steered in the right direction, while the integrated organizer means important events wont be forgotten when life gets hectic. A 2 megapixel digital camera for high-quality photos and video recording is included, along with a second camera above the large color display for video calls. The SXG75 can also be used as a radio with RDS services, portable MP3 player or video player. For even better sound, simply connect the optional "Mobile Music Set" accessory with its high quality loudspeakers. Whatever one desires from mobile communications, the SXG75 has the answer email, MMS, Instant Messaging or Push and Talk (availability dependent on network operator), whilst Bluetooth provides the convenience of wireless connectivity
Its no longer a challenge to find a final destination: with the SXG75 users can safely leave street maps at home. Whether on a business trip or weekend city break, the pre-installed navigation service together with the built-in GPS module knows the lay of the land (availability dependent on network operator). Directing users to their final destination through both visual and vocal instructions the SXG75 is perfect for navigating even the final mile. The SXG75 also supports location-based services such as restaurant tips, special offers or major tourist sights. The built-in translator for English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish will never leave users lost for words while traveling.

·Coming Soon - September 2005
·More information on the Siemens SXG75 features

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